Integrating with VOXER

  • 14 January 2022
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I received and email that zapier is now integrating with Voxer and that is so exciting because my boss loves using Voxer and I would love to make it so that we can automate a lot of things and she can be notified via Voxer. 


I keep however getting

an error message. Can someone lead me in the right direction please 


1 reply

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Hey @sarahjopayne9712, welcome to the Community! :)

It looks as though the Voxer integration is currently a private, not publicly available integration. I’m not seeing any existing bug reports for that specific error reported either.

Usually errors around certificates expiring can indicate that the connected app account needs to be reconnected. Can you try reconnecting your Voxer account and see if that fixes the error when you retest?