Insert/Query to/from "Always Encrypted" SQL columns

  • 10 June 2021
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I am wondering if anyone has tried and been successful in inserting data to an AWS RDS server that contains columns that are Always Encrypted and on the inverse, querying data out of an Always Encrypted table and retrieving the unencrypted value for use elsewhere in the zap.

1 reply

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Hey @kpiercy!

Thanks for the question. We don't currently have support for reading or writing to encrypted columns for the SQL Server integration unfortunately.  

Looking at our records, I can see we have an open feature request for the functionality you’re after. I am going to let my team know that you were interested in this, too, and in the future should we be able to add this to our app, we will be happy to send you an email.

Sorry I couldn’t give you better news here!