If Zapier could build anything next year, what should it be?

  • 30 December 2019
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Been thinking a lot about what we can do with Zapier for the next year or the next decade and decided to ask Twitter what they think.

I know the Zapier community thinks about this a lot too so thought I'd ask here as well:


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The top of my new year's wish list is for Zapier to build a simple way to add other Zapier users to an account. Mostly for the Experts, but really so people will stop being forced to share passwords to their Zapier accounts.

Other notable mentions:

  • The ability to reorder steps and duplicate steps within a zap
  • Mobile app to manage zaps (yes I could tweak a zap from my mobile device, I have many use cases for this)
  • Better use of the APIs in the native Zapier apps for the following applications: Quickbooks (ability to query objects by id) , Airtable (ability to receive multiple results in a filterbyformula) , Google Sheets (ability to delete rows/sheets/etc!), Trello (ability to remove a member from a card) etc. I could go on and on, but there are a significant number of apps that have limited native functionality in their Zapier integration while the API for that app has everything I need.
  • Take over mailparser.io and incorporate it natively into zapier (parser by Zapier just isn't strong enough)
  • A visual representation of Zaps and the dataflow (similar to Integromat)
  • The ability to have paths merge into a single flow after they do their thing (aka paths in the middle of a zap so in some cases you can modify the content and others not but in the end the data all goes through the final steps.)

I'm sure I could come up with more if ya want me too ;)

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I hope NetSuite will be available

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Tasks reordering and duplication are the most time consuming work today in the service for me.

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Ability to add comments to each step in a Zap. Some of our Zaps get pretty convoluted in spots, which leaves me scratching my head months later trying to figure out why I did what I did.

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Using auth from Zapier to interact with API's like Gmail or Zapier in a code step!

I know I can do this with a private app but it's so cumbersome.

I want to be able to define my endpoints and control the world while letting you guys handle the messy auth.


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+1 For task re-ordering!

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@PaulKortman had some great ideas!

I'd love to be able to reorder steps in a zap, and also to be able to add a path in the middle of a zap.

Also, it would be really nice to see the revision history in a zap, to make it easier to revert changes if something goes wrong or is changed by mistake.