If you have perfect AI(aka AGI), which task you want to automate? (We host Zapier hackathon)

  • 4 March 2020
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Hello! We are Team AI - 8,000 people AI engineer community in Tokyo. (=Python machine learning)

Since we host Zapier automation hackathon, I wanna ask which task you want to automate with AI. (suppose AI can do anything for you). We should try to make it in our next hackathon.

our community:


We did Zapier + Slack hackathon last year. It was a fun.

event blog;


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Hi @daisuke_ishii, welcome to our Community! Glad you're here.

Thanks for sharing this with us. It's very inspiring to read about such passionate fans of Zapier, and more so, such creative automation ideas! My favorite from that list that sounds very intriguing is the "Joke generation bot with reinforcement learning" zap. I think humor-reinforced learning is a great idea.

I've shared this with our team. Hopefully you'll continue to come back to share your progress and cool events!