How to trigger a Zap based on a specific HubSpotCRM field and then delay a SMS to tomorrow morning?

  • 24 November 2021
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Hi All,


I use HubspotCRM as my CRM system and I use ClicksendSMS as the SMS service.


When i create an order in HubspotCRM, I always set the ‘Customer Deposit Paid’ field as No. This is because i always receive the deposit a few days after the customer has signed the contract. Once i receive the deposit, I go into HubspotCRM and the change the field from No to Yes.


What i require is: When ‘Customer Deposit Paid’ field changes from No to Yes, then on the next day at 10am, send a SMS to the customer stating that their deposit has been received.


I sometimes update HubspotCRM very late at night so I don’t want a SMS sent to the customer at an unsociable time. This is why i require to have a delay for the next morning at 10am.


How do i do this? I cant figure out how to trigger the Zap when the field changes to Yes, I can only see the option of when the field changes...this counts even when i set it to No when i set up the deal in HubspotCRM which is not useful for sending a SMS. I have also tried the Delay functionality but it doesn't seem to trigger anything.


Any help would be great.

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Hi @cloak 

Try adding a Filter as Step 2 in your Zap: