How to limit cost and prevent overuse?

  • 2 December 2021
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We are considering using Zapier for lean gen submissions from various websites.  However, I wonder if it’s possible to set task limit on Zapier to prevent overuse, bugs and/or spam.  Zapier bills by the number of tasks executions.  How can we limit the number of task per month/week/day so we don’t get a surprise bill at the end of month?

3 replies

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Hi @saint168 

Task limits and pricing


Each pricing plan has different limits on the number of tasks your Zaps can automate in a given billing cycle. Zapier sends notifications when you reach 80% of your task limit, and then again when you reach your full task limit. At that point, Zapier will hold new Zap runs.

You can replay held Zap runs when you upgrade your plan or when your billing cycle resets.


Monitor task usage


Your task limit is based on your billing cycle. In your billing and usage settings, you can see how many tasks your Zaps have used in your current billing cycle, and how many days you have left until your task limit refreshes.

You can view all the tasks that your Zaps have attempted in your Zap history.



Zapier Manager is the housekeeping app for your Zapier account. It allows you to set up Zaps for receiving notifications for Zap errors or when you reach your task usage limits; turning off your Zaps; inviting new members to your team and more.

Did you mean there is no way to put a daily limit so the system will not stop taking requests before the end of the month/billing cycle?


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Hi @saint168 

It’s possible, but in order to implement limits, you have to add additional Zap steps to log and handle that logic, which only uses more Tasks.