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How to get the IP address of a user from Live Chat while creating a ZAP for Facebook conversion?

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Iam using Zapier to connect Live Chat with my Facebook Events manager, so when iam configuring the event in Facebook (inside zapier) there is a field for USER IP ADRESS, i can choose a field from the examples showed bellow but there´s not a user IP address coming from Live Chat, so i left it blank. i would like to know if you know a Key or formula that i can directly write on this field to get the IP, it will help me a lot for the advanced match on my Facebook Pixel


Best answer by Danvers 13 May 2022, 17:26

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Hi @Giovanni! Thanks for the question 🙂

Looking at the LiveChat New Chat and Finished Chat triggers, they don’t provide the IP address of the chat user, sorry about that. If you like, you can contact the Support Team using the Get Help form to ask if it would be possible to add that field into the trigger as a feature request. Thanks!

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@Danvers Thanks for your answer! i will for sure