How to create new projects in Asana when new customers are added in Stripe?

  • 21 July 2021
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Hey all!

I’d like to get some advice on automating a certain task.

I have created a template project in Asana with tasks for clients and us which will be the same every time. I want to automatically get a new project created in Asana (using the template) the moment a new client pays the invoice. (I get a new customer in Stripe).

I have managed to create a simple integration. When I get a new Customer in Stripe (trigger), a new project in Asana gets created. (action)

BUT the project that gets created is empty with no tasks.

I would like Zapier to use the template when it creates a new project and then automatically add the client to the newly created project in Asana.

So to summarize the flow:

  1. I get a new customer in Stripe (trigger)
  2. A new Project gets created in Asana using a pre-existing template (action)
  3. The client gets added to the Project (action)

Not sure if it’s 100% possible but I’m looking forward to any advice!


1 reply

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Hi @MratioT 

This is doable using the Asana API to duplicate a Project.

App APIs can be used in Zaps with the Webhooks app:

If you need help, consider hiring a Zapier Expert:


Also, you may want to look into using Asana Rules: