How to create a linked record in a different table via Zapier

  • 9 April 2021
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I’m working in Airtable and I need help with configuring a Zap.

So let’s say I have two tables, (1) People and (2) Companies. I’ve created a form view in the People table, which has the following fields {First Name}, {Last Name}, and {Company}. What I’d like to have happen is that when a user fills out this form, the {Company} value is not only created in the People table, but also in the Companies table as linked record so that this person and the company in the Companies table are a linked record.

I’m new to Zapier and not sure how to configure the Zap to get them to be linked as opposed to just creating an isolated record in the Companies table.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks a ton.

3 replies

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@Burner918 What software are the ‘tables’ in? Airtable or GSheets?

My apologies. Airtable. I should have mentioned that in the question.

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@Burner918 great! Airtable is perfect for this stuff. 

Dealing with “Linked Records” can be tricky in Airtable, especially when you pull those fields into Zapier. 

When you get you test data, I’m sure you’re seeing a Record 🆔, rather than the “Company Name” you’re expecting. 


The solution here is to create an additional field in Airtable called Record 🆔. It’s going to be a formula field with the formula =recordid() 


Then, add an additional few steps in Zapier to “Find” the record in the other table, and lookup by the Record 🆔 formula field. 

If you’re using Airtable & Zapier regularly, you’ll end up using this pattern of storing/organizing/linking data quite often. 

hope that helps, Happy Zapin’ 🙌⚡️