How to assign Azure DevOps Feature to a Parent Epic

  • 14 January 2022
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I have a Zap that’s somewhat working the way I want. It links Salesforce to Azure DevOps. When a Field changes on a Custom Object in Salesforce, it creates a new Azure DevOps Feature record.

The new Devops Feature record gets created in the correct Project, Area and Iteration because I can map those fields. But it doesn’t get assigned to an Epic so it’s basically “orphaned”.

In my zap, I tried adding a step to add a link to the Epic but it only shows up as a link instead of a Parent Work Item. 

How do you assign a newly created Feature to an Epic?

1 reply

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Hey @DavidF.

I see that you’ve also reached out to Support about this about and they’re going to open up a feature request for this. Before they can do that though, it seems that they’re waiting on some further information from you.

If you could get back to them with those details they’ll be able to get that feature request sent over to the app’s developers right away. Thanks! :)