How do you mention a channel in Microsoft Teams action?

  • 12 August 2021
  • 3 replies

What should I do to mention the entire channel in a Microsoft Teams action?If you are an individual user, the mention will be successful with the following description.<at> <at>

3 replies

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Welcome to the Community @kt1111

I did some digging and you’re totally right! It’s only possible to mention individual users, not channels, with the Microsoft Teams integration currently. That said, there is an existing feature request for the ability to do that so I’ve added your vote to it. Doing that helps us to keep track of the number of users interested in this feature and increase its priority. 

I can’t share an ETA on when it might be possible to mention channels in Microsoft Teams but we’ll send you an email notification as soon as it is! :) 

Can I please +1 vote for this feature as well?

We have a few zaps posting conversations into Channels but the feedback is that no one see’s them as they do not have notifications turned on. 

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Sure thing, @VinnieTron!

I’ve added your vote to that feature request as well. We’ll be in touch by email once it’s been implemented. :)