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How do I replay tasks that I missed by accidentally pausing my zap?

  • 14 March 2020
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I left my ZAP turned off yesterday and I have maybe 20 leads in SurveyGizmo that need to be moved to a Google Drive Sheet.

What is the easiest way to grab those leads and play the tasks?

When I go to "edit" zap, I am able to pull random records and just a few at a time. I would like to grab those records that didn’t get pulled and play those 20 tasks at once.



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Hi @igorvukojevic 

Unfortunately, other than the ones you’ve randomly retrieved via the editor, there’s no way to have Zapier replay stuff it missed while a zap was switched off.

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As @AndrewJDavison_Luhhu said, there’s no way for Zapier to replay tasks on information that happened while a Zap was turned off. If you’re able to export the data from SurveyGizmo into a csv or spreadsheet file, then you could still use Zapier to process the information. 

To do that:

  1. Export your SurveyGizmo responses and open them in a Google sheet. 
  2. Create a second worksheet in the same workbook and add a header row with all the relevant column names. 
  3. Copy across one of the responses so that there’s a sample in the sheet
  4. Make a copy of your Zap and change the trigger from SurveyGizmo to Google Sheets - set it to trigger from the worksheet with only one row in (so far).
  5. Edit the rest of the Zap to use the Google Sheet info where necessary
  6. Turn on the Zap
  7. Copy and past the other 19 responses into the Worksheet. 

It’s not necessarily a quick process but if you’d otherwise need to do a lot of data entry, it can be very useful!