How can I upload Google sheet to FTP?

  • 29 November 2021
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Thanks for reading.


My Zapier is creating Google sheet, But I want to export that Google sheet to my FTP. Can anyone tell how can I do it?



5 replies

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Hi @mariodice 

Try using the Zap app integration to upload files via FTP:

Hello @Troy Tessalone 


Thanks for your reply. Your message led me to some of the answers.


I am looking for a way to upload Google sheet to my ftp. 


Trigger is when any new rows are added to Google sheet then upload that Google sheet to my FTP.


Any idea how can I do the upload part without using 



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Zap does not have a native FTP app, so an app integration such as is usually the easiest to be used.


Maybe try this API:


App APIs can be used in Zaps with the Webhooks app or Code app.



Thanks @Troy Tessalone 

In your last reply you have mentioned about webhooks which is above my level so I have been trying to take no code route.


I have been playing around with zap and after doing some testing, I have created a zap that triggers  New or Updated Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets and saving it to my dropbox, however it passes information in data form not as in file form.

I am planning to save whole spreadsheet to my dropbox account when trigger happens, But it creates a .txt file in dropbox and saves text which has been added to spreadsheet.


Is it possible to save whole spreadhseet to dropbox? I played with zap but could not figure it out and there was no option to save the whole spreadsheet.


Thanks again for looking into my issue and replying to me.

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Help article for how you use files in Zaps:

GDrive Find File will return a file object that you can use in following Zap steps.

Please post screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured, thanks.