Greenhouse - Hubspot integration

  • 22 February 2021
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Hello everybody, 

We are trying to integrate Greenhouse and Hubspot and more precisely the creation of new Prospect in Greenhouse after submitting a Form on Hubspot.

Everything goes well with the Zap creation until the “Create Prospect in Greenhouse” and “Set up action” (under “Choose Account”). At that moment we have to fill the “On Behalf Of” field. When we click on that list, there is a set of available users to choose from. The question is, how this list is populated ? Why for example I can find Alice (Alice is a Site Admin on Greenhouse) there but not Bob (Bob is a Site Admin on Greenhouse, too) ?




2 replies

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Hi @palo-it 

Check this support article from Greenhouse:

Hi @palo-it 

Check this support article from Greenhouse:


Hi Troy, 

thanks for the link and the idea but unfortunately it does not answer ty my question.  May be if you follow the described steps in my post you will better see what exactly is my problem.


The description given in the video , I already did it (creation of keys and so on ...)