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  • 13 October 2021
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Hi Everyone!


I’m loading leads from a Gravity Form into and I’ve gotten all of the fields populating great with a single exception.

We have a location field dropdown on our Gravity form to select a major city where one of our teams is located. (approx 10 options) For whatever reason, the field will not populate the location field on on our board.

The tests run successfully and everything else gets loaded in just fine.

Any suggestions?

3 replies

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Appears the Monday Location Field expects a Latitude and Longitude in addition to the Address name.

You may want to change the Monday Board Column type and remap in the Zap.

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Hi @JayX8 

Please post screenshots with how your Zap step is configured for this field, thanks.

Do you mean a Location column or a Dropdown column or a Status column?




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In Gravity Forms, it is a dropdown field (in order to limit the city options they can select to where we have teams located).

On, it is the Location Column.