Google Sheet to Mailchimp Test trigger - seems to be not found?

  • 23 February 2021
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I am looking into creating an integration: when there is a new data in Google Sheet like the one below, it will be added or updated on MailChimp.

However, when I am creating a trigger on the Google Sheet, I am confused why it says Spreadsheet Row A, Spreadsheet Row B, and Spreadsheet Row C. Isn’t it supposed to be Row Number? The first row of the Google Sheet is for the information column (First Name, Last Name, etc). Also, on the Google Sheet trigger no data is being displayed.

Trigger - Google Sheet


On the MailChimp action, I am getting a “Subscriber Email empty (required)” when I have data in the Google Sheet.

Action - MailChimp


5 replies

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Hi @Ziggy 

FYI: Having what appears to be a formula in column I will cause the Zap to not behave as expected.

Check out these help articles about GSheets:


Hi Troy,


I removed the formula. It worked ok. However, I am getting this error:


The dates are already set to Month and Day

FYI, we cannot set the Amazon Order ID to month and date, since these are order numbers. In Mailchimp it is set as numbers.



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It’s likely the Birthday field that needs to be in one of these formats.

Check your Merge field configuration on the Audience in the Settings of Mailchimp.


Birthday is set as MM/DD

Yet test still shows an error:


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Hi @Ziggy 

Check these fields:


Purchase Date

In the GSheets screenshots both fields show as different formats with a dash, instead of with a slash as expected by Mailchimp.

For Birthday, 11-02 is different than 11/02

For Purchase Date, 08-18 would need to be 08/18/2021