Genuine Google Cloud Print Alternatives

  • 29 September 2020
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Due to Google Cloud print coming to an end shortly (by Jan 2021), I was wondering if anyone had found some genuine replacements to use with Zapier?

There really doesn’t seems to be anything else out there like it. I was hoping that Cloud Print would have both a Paid and Free service when it came out of beta, but unfortunately they have decided to shut it down. The main issue is, that many … if not all of the printer manufacturers decided to add Cloud Print functionality to their printers. It would have been good if Google had sold this to a company willing to grow and improve on it, or at least the automation functionality.

Any ideas or suggestions welcome 🙂.

9 replies

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Hi @TmapleS 

It’s definitely a frustrating loss!

While it doesn’t (yet) integrate with Zapier, the alternative that seems to popup in every conversation is:

Just learned of this today and am really bummed, this feature is so precious. Following for news.

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I don’t think Mobility Print will work for me, all the printers need to be on the same network as the mobility print server.  I have a server locally, but the printers we print to are located all over the world, and don’t have local servers or anything.

Anyone have other suggestions please?  (preferably free - we only print 5 jobs a week or so).


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You could use PDFmonkey.

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Thanks. Perhaps some people could use PDFmonkey, but I need to run these print jobs unattended at a remote site.  Just preparing a PDF or sending it won’t help.

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@Sabbasolo gotcha. You can use HP ePrint. Mind this becomes more hardware related then Zapier apps related.


You can send printing jobs over Zapier mail or any other mail service to the HP ePrint mailaddress.

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Thanks a lot @Wemakefuture  That is also valid, but would require replacing our printers with HP. We use Brother.  

Actually, I see there may be a Brother feature with similar functionality - Attach Email and Print - see

I will test it.

Woops - it requires manual steps to initiate printing of the email job after the printer has received it - no good for us.

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We just released ezeep blue - our cloud printing solution - for Zapier Which works very similar to Google Cloud Printing and could be a good alternative. 

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The best alternative I have found so far is PrintNode