Dynamic selection of sender account depending on day of the week

  • 8 September 2021
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Hello Experts! 

I am a new person in zapier and here is my problem. 

My automation looks like this: a person fills out my form in google forms, then he receives a welcome letter from me (“Thank you for filling out our form. We will contact you shortly!”) and I want this letter to come from two different gmails accounts, depending on the days of the week. Or in other words: i need dynamic selection of the sender depending on the day of the week (for example: on weekdays it will be gmail 1 and on weekends it will be gmail 2 / or on even days gmail 1 and on odd days gmail 2).

How can I link two gmail accounts in zapier and make them work on specific days of the week?  And can it be done at all :thinking: ?


1 reply

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Hi @Ivan D 

You can connect multiple accounts for the same app here:

TIP: Use a private browser to authenticate each app account.


Try using Filters or Paths in your Zap to route the desired behavior.