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Delay a trigger in Stripe, or update data after delay

  • 16 January 2022
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I’m trying to create a zap with ‘New Invoice’ in Stripe as trigger. The problem is that the trigger is activated as soon as I add the customer, before finalizing the invoice. As a result, data such as the items, hosted invoice URL, invoice pdf is missing when the trigger runs, so I can’t use them in the Zap for the following actions.

Is there a way to delay after the trigger, and then have Zappier update the information from the trigger?


Best answer by peter.harrison 16 January 2022, 19:14

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4 replies

Hey there @BullsMedia


Just wanted to hop in here to make a suggestion on a possible way to get this working.  


Looks like you are on the right track here! Since there isn’t a Search Invoice action in the Stripe integration, you can try using a Webhooks by Zapier GET step to retrieve the invoice using the Invoice ID from the trigger. 


Stripe’s API docs on retrieving an Invoice should help with setting up the webhook step:


I’d try sending the GET to this URL, and map the ID from the trigger at the end of the URL. 

Like this:{{triggernode__id}}



Make sure you fill out the auth information at the bottom of the step. 


Zap steps would look something like this: 

  • Trigger: New Invoice in Stripe
  • Action: Delay For by Zapier - delayed for however long it takes the invoice to fully update in Stripe 
  • Action: Webhooks by Zapier (GET) 

Then map the rest of your workflow as needed. 


If you run into any issues setting it up, here are some places you can look: 


Thanks a lot @peter.harrison 

Will dive in and try to figure it all out.

Hi, So I’m not able to pass the webhooks GET stage. I’m getting an error message 


this is how the action is set up