Collecting a total from multiple days of responses


I am running a fitness challenge with Jotform. 

Participants get a specific number of points for different activities completed.   The first person to reach 100 points win.


The Jotform will tally the points for each participant entry, but will not total them up from day to day.


I need to be able to add a link or button into my jot form that will show them the their total from all of their submissions.  

Any ideas?  

Thank you for your help!

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Hi @nbonafede 

I suggest using Airtable to collect and organize the data, otherwise you’ll need to use formulas in GSheets.

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Hi @nbonafede!

You could also look into Glide, which can be powered by Google Sheets and then provides an app interface that your users could access. I believe that in order to limit a person to only seeing their own info, you’d have to upgrade, but I wanted to mention it anyway since I just find Glide so cool :)