Can't push Slack Message to a Zap from anyone on the same Slack team

  • 20 December 2021
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I’m having the same issue as this old one, but in my case when the Zap is turned on, other Slack Team members with Zapier connections still cannot access the Zap. 

I am using the Push From Slack Message trigger but it only works for whoever owns the Zap and won’t show up for anyone else in the same team. I’ve tried a variety of things like making sure the creator is an Admin, and has set their Slack team connection to share with everyone. 

The Zap itself works if the owner triggers it. 

I can’t figure out what I am missing in the setup. 

7 replies

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Hi @sblausten

Before you get started
Do you have restricted apps on your Slack workplace?
If you’re not sure, you can check if Slack is one of them in your restricted apps on your Slack workspace.
It may be the case that you need to get approval from your Slack admin to approve Zapier.

Once you are sure Zapier is an approved app, move onto the following steps:

  1. Connect to your Slack account to Zapier.
  2. Within Slack, in the left-hand nav under Apps click “Add more apps”.
  3. Next, in Browse Apps search for Zapier
  4. Click “Get Started”.
  5. Next, you'll be asked to give Zapier permission to access your Zapier Slack workspace. Click "Allow".
  6. Your setup is complete! You can head back into to your Slack workspace and click the "Home" tab in the Zapier app to use the App Home.


You can try opening a ticket with Zapier Support:

Thanks @Troy Tessalone, the Zapier Slack app is added to our Slack workspace already and doesn’t appear to have any restricted permissions. 

I’ll open a ticket I guess

I too would like to share a common Zap which is triggered by a Slack push with multiple members of my team. Previously we’ve had to copy the Zap and modify each copy to update each Slack step to use each member of the team’s individual Slack accounts. With a large team, as you can imagine, this becomes very tedious and a burden especially if we update the template and then have to ask everyone to delete, copy, and then update again to get any changes.

Yes @JMcCann thats the solution we ended up having to take. As you say, it doesn’t scale! 

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Hi there, @JMcCann! Thanks for reaching out and sharing your feedback.

I’ve got your vote added to this feature request! We’ll be sure to send you an email and update this thread as soon as we know more. 🙂

Welcome to the Community!

Thanks, @christina.d. Do you have a link to the feature request so we can review?

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Totally valid question, @JMcCann.

We use an internal tracking system for feature requests and bug reports so not something we’re able to share. That said, once an update occurs in terms of implementation everyone on the list will be notified via email. Our team will also be notified so we can update the thread. 🙂