Calendly with Google Sheets

  • 26 April 2021
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I'm appealing to the community because I can't find a solution. Here is my problem:

I use Calendly for my business, customers make appointments and they are randomly scheduled to my team members. I am trying to send the appointment information, on Google Sheets, but splitting the data on several sheets (depending on the team member, as one spreadsheet = one team member). To list the appointments in a table for each member of my team.

Does anyone have a solution to my problem?

Thank you very much,


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5 replies

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@Julia Immo The challenge is every team member will have a different tab in Google Sheets.  There are a couple possible workarounds for this”

  1. Put all appointments in one sheet and then use a Pivot Table to show individual appointments in other sheets.
  2. Look up the sheet ID for each sheet and create a Utility > Lookup table in Zapier to assign the Sheet ID in the Google Sheet Step.

Not a straightforward answer, but they both work.

@Mercology  Thank you for your reply!

If I want to use the Zapier Lookup Table, my zap should look like this (screen)?

Forgive me, I'm still a beginner, I'm not sure what I should put in these 3 categories of informations :
- Lookup key
- Lookup table
- Fallback Value

Could you help me?

Thank you!

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Put the Utility > Lookup Table before the Google Sheet step

In the Lookup Table Assign the following:

- Lookup key = Name of person assigned in Calendly
- Lookup table = Google Sheet ID - see highlighted below
- Fallback Value = Google Sheet to add the appointment if there is no match on the name

Google Sheet - Map the result of the lookup table as the Google Shhet ID

Thanks for your help, the zap seems to work but on my Google Sheets nothing is added :/

I don't know why...

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@Julia Immo The google sheet is an example of the Sheet ID to include in the lookup table.