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Bonsai Zap "could not be turned on," but no error messages provided

  • 14 July 2021
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I’m trying to use Bonsai as a trigger to create a firestore document. Every test works fine. There are no error messages in the zap details. Then, when I turn on the zap, it will deactivate as soon as I refresh the page. I then get the following email from Zapier:


“Unfortunately your Zap could not be switched on. Please try enabling it again, and if you still experience issues, get help.


The Zapier Team”


What do I do from here? I can’t troubleshoot, because I have no information. 


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Hi @chainlift 


  • Off: Zaps that are turned off do not actively check for new data or perform actions. Zapier automatically turns your Zaps off for you in three situations:
    • You lose access to a paid feature the Zap uses (e.g., multi-step Zaps or premium apps) due to a trial expiration or plan downgrade.
    • Multiple errors occur each time the Zap tries to run. An email notification will be sent if a Zap is turned off due to errors.
    • You make a change to a trigger or action of the Zap. You will need to turn the Zap back on once you are done editing it.


Zapier Support:

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Just wanted to follow up here as spotted @chainlift had reached out to our Support team who were able to identify the reason the Zap was being deactivated. It appears the usage limits for the Zapier plan they were on had been reached and that’s why the Zap was automatically deactivated. 

Different Zapier plans have different numbers of active Zaps allowed, Tasks and other features so if the Zaps are using features that are only available on higher plans, or you’ve already reached the maximum number of active Zaps/Tasks for your account, then it won’t be possible for the Zap to run. In cases like this an upgrade to a higher plan may be required in order to use the Zap.