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Automatic Charging in Stripe?

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Hey, all!

I have a Squarespace account with Scheduling built in, allowing me to set my available hours and clients to book sessions with me on their own.

Part of my process is that I charge half of the total fee of my services up front to book a call and then charge the second half after calls are complete. The first half is automatically charged, but Squarespace doesn’t have a feature where it follows up to charge the final half of the fee once an event/session is over.

SO—What I want to do is set up a Zap that looks something like:

Trigger app: Google Calendar
When this happens: Event Ends
Search term: “Hour” (all of my paid sessions have the word “Hour” in them)

Then do this:
App: Stripe
Charge customer associated with call for second half of fee

One problem I see here is that, for whatever reason, Google Calendar doesn’t pull in the email address/name/anything associated with the person who booked the call through Squarespace. I thought I might be able to use that data + maybe even the total value of session divided by 2 to search Stripe and then have that customer charged for that amount, but that just doesn’t work because either Squarespace doesn’t send that data to Google Calendar OR Google Calendar just doesn’t pull it in from Squarespace Scheduling.

Does anyone know a workaround here? Happy to hear input on Squarespace Scheduling, Google Calendar, or Stripe-related Zap solutions.

Thanks for your help!


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Sadly, you can’t use Zapier to create a charge in Stripe. Closest you can get is creating a subscription which doesn’t sound like it would work for what you need.

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@AndrewJDavison_Luhhu Thanks so much. Great to know for sure!