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Any ideas on getting Mavenlink Invoice information into Stripe Automatically?

  • 16 October 2019
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Hi Community - we use a tool called Mavenlink for Project Tracking and Invoicing. I'd love to get that information into Stripe so I can auto-run invoices generated out of Mavenlink. Any ideas on how to do that with Zapier?




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Hi @OskiBearZapier

So, the good news is Mavenlink does integrate with Zapier. You've these options for triggering on:

Screen Shot 2019-10-16 at 16.06.33.png

Stripe also integrates with Zapier, however here you're pretty limited it what you can do:

Screen Shot 2019-10-16 at 16.06.24.png

As it stands, you can only add a customer but you wouldn't be able to send them an invoice.

Perhaps some other community members will have workaround ideas!

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Big thanks for the help! Yeah, our customers already exist in Stripe. It's the invoice data that I need to get into Stripe to be able to run. Would love other suggestions!


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Hi @OskiBearZapier, welcome to the Community! As @Andrew_Luhhu pointed out, there's not currently a way to do that using the Stripe Zapier integration.

We do have a feature request open for a Create Invoice action and I've added your email address as another vote for this addition. I don't have an ETA of when or if this will happen, but we will definitely email you if it does become a reality!

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Hey @OskiBearZapier

Not had a chance to check it out much, but could Veem help?

Veem and Zapier: fully integrated payments at your fingertips | Veem

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@OskiBearZapier There is another option since Stripe has such an indepth API and that is to write a custom Zapier integration for Stripe which allows you to create and send new invoices from within Zapier.

This is advanced stuff requiring API/JSON knowledge and a bit of Javascript coding as needed. So If you're into do that we could help you walk through it. Otherwise you might want to post in the Work Offered section here to have someone (I know I and my team can do it, but I assume other Zapier Experts can as well) build the custom Stripe Integration for you to use.