Add songs to different Spotify playlists based on different columns in Google Sheets

  • 2 December 2021
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I wanted to know if it’s possible to connect Zapier → Google Sheets → Spotify so that when I add certain values to a spreadsheet, for example

Adding spotify URL to Column A → adds song to Spotify playlist A

Adding spotify URL to Column B → adds song to Spotify playlist B

Adding spotify URL to Column C → adds song to Spotify playlist C


etc, is this possible? I spent a long time looking online but I did not find a solution

4 replies

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Hi @Enigma Corporation 

Yes, by using Filter steps in the Zap:


thanks - sounds easy but it’s not really working for me, i’m able to connect spotify to the Filter but it asks me to pick a playlist to add a track to, and then to pick a song on spotify to pick a track from, to add to the playlist, not “grab Spotify URL from sheet on new row add” or something similar

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@Enigma Corporation 

Check out this help article for how to dynamically map data points between Zap steps:

thanks, will give it a go