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Add a hashtag mark to a the front of multiple words using the Formatter

I am not unfamiliar with some scripting - not coding. I am a cartoonist, not a programmer.

I can hack through IOS Shortcuts to build a shortcut that does this. I suspect Zapier is really much the same in function.

I post an image at the blog, and want that to tweet. Most everything comes through fine. The posts tags are of course, tweeted as just words. It seems deviously difficult just to get the hashtag mark set to the front of any of those. 

There are only ever a few, but never a fixed number of tags.

Zapier offers a ‘Ghost>Tweet with tags’ action. I cannot figure out out how to get that zap to do what it claims to do. Yea, I can drop in the Tags variable from the Ghost post in the straight ‘Ghost to Twitter zap’. The Zap which says Post with tags, has a Formatter action. 

Now this obviously needs some kind of split and repeat, or count function, and a replace. It also needs to put the # concantenated to the first character of every word.

This seems like such an obvious thing. I’m sure someone has done it. and I could spend three or four hours of back and forth when I really would rather be drawing cartoons. 



Best answer by Troy Tessalone 2 May 2021, 17:59


Depends on how the data is structured for the tags.

Try 2 Formatter > Utilities > Text to Line Items steps.


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Hi @dougsamu 

Can you please provide some screenshots of how your Zap is configured to help illustrate what you’re trying to achieve, thanks.


Perhaps include a specific example so the use case is clear to us.


Also, make sure to check out the available help articles:

There is no configured Zap, because I cannot figure out how to do this with Formatter. 

a specific example … lessee…

aTagWord, AnotherTagWord, MaybeAnotherTagWord

needs to be converted to

#aTagWord, #AnotherTagWord, #MaybeAnotherTagWord


The help articles you link to are for problems with Twitter itself.  Twitter will take what is sent. Twitter is not the problem. The problem is formatting/converting the text string in Formatter 

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Depends on how the data is structured for the tags.

Try 2 Formatter > Utilities > Text to Line Items steps.


Aaah … many thanks. Sending another Patience Reward Cup your way. 

Thing is I’m entirely reconsidering the tweeting and posting process I’ve been using … after weeks of  finding not just this obtusely hard to solve.  Are hashtagged tweets even useful on Twitter anymore? And that aside, this Zap becomes a three step process which excludes its use from the free tier. 

but see, I knew it could be done and could be done quite simply.