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  • 3 February 2021
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As the name suggests, this category is for asking questions of a general nature.

That means that posts about the following don’t belong in this category:

So what does that leave for the General Questions category, you ask?

  • Questions about the basics of Zapier 
  • Asking which app(s) are capable of doing X, Y or Z 
  • Checking to see if Zapier is capable of doing A, B or C 
  • Questions about whether a particular workflow is possible, and how you might accomplish it 
  • Asking for help troubleshooting an error message you’re receiving, thought sometimes our Support team will be better equipped to help with that.
  • Looking for help with specific parts of building your Zap

I think you get the idea. If you’re wondering how to do something (or whether it’s possible), what errors mean and how to fix them and it’s not from the first section above, you can ask it here :)

The Bottom Line

If you’re not sure where you should ask please just post it here and we’ll figure out where it belongs! We’d rather have you ask than worry too much about whether you’ve done it in the right forum of our Community!

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