400 Malformed Record Key

  • 1 April 2020
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Hello Zapier Community,


I’m trying to make a Zap from Excel to Knack.

  - Updated Row in Excel

  - Update Record in Knack


But I keep getting a 400 error:

We had trouble sending your test through.

App returned 400 and said Malformed Record Key: 4oz-TEST


I think my issue is in Customize Record (Field To Search and then Search Value)


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!!


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2 replies

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I figured out what I was doing wrong. I got the Zap to work. 

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Hi @Thumbprint  thanks so much for letting us know you figured things out 🙌


 If you’re able to share what it was in case it helps someone with the same issue, that would be great!