Streamlining Corporate Earnings News Dissemination with Automation

Hi Folks,

  • I currently have a manual process for gathering earnings news (yearly or quarterly) from companies' websites, like AXIS Capital Holding Limited.
  • The news is copied into a predefined Outlook email template and formatted accordingly, including tables if present.
  • This formatted earnings news is then shared with colleagues via Outlook email.
  • The goal is to explore automating this process using Zapier (Zap) to eliminate manual effort.

Potential automation steps:

  1.  Monitoring company websites for new earnings releases
  2.   Extracting the relevant news content, including tables
  3.   Populating the predefined Outlook email template with the extracted content
  4.   Sending the populated email to designated colleagues automatically

Hope to hear from everyone soon :)

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I think what you’re looking for is a tool to do web scraping. There’s a large number of web scraping tools, but this community article discusses three of them, including ones with existing Zapier integrations. I haven’t personally used these tools to do the sort of scraping you’re looking for, and my experience with scraping in the past has been mixed. But there’s likely good tools out there now (maybe one of the three in the article!). 

Thanks for the reply, let me check. I will come back with questions if I am stuck on how to use these tools.