How to write a structured query for firebase

  • 2 June 2024
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Trying to find a firestore document in firebase. Structured queries were tough to figure out. Documentation takes a lot for granted. Here is how i got it to work. The WHERE property is required, and other properties (e.g., FROM, SELECT, LIMIT) are handled by zapier on their end. 


Replace “itemLookupCode” with the name of the field you want to query

Replace “234212221” with the value you want to query by


  "where": {
    "fieldFilter": {
      "field": {
        "fieldPath": "itemLookupCode"
      "op": "EQUAL",
      "value": {
        "stringValue": "234212221"

1 reply

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Hi @Dovelement LLC 

For others, help articles for using Firebase / Firestore in Zaps: