Data sent by triggering of a webhook is ignored when the pooling sample is set while testing the trigger.

  • 30 August 2022
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I have made an inegration in zapier and it has 3 triggers. 2 triggers are used to load data for dynamic dropdowns and 3rd tigger is used to show that 2 dynamic dropdowns & REST hook to subscribe & unsubscribe. We were testing the trigger by invoking the webhook from our system and sending data in that webhook which data can be used to next action block. 


While publishing the integration, we got the publishing task.


To resolve it we added sample dummy data in the performList. But while testing the trigger we only get that dummy data which we added in performList, Even we invoked the webhook from our system with some more dynamic data, we are not getting that data in test this trigger which we want to use in next action block.


Our requirement is we have to invoke the webhook from our system with dynamic data & use that data in the next action block. We have no mechanism like pooling sample and that’s why we added the dummy data in performList. After adding pooling sample, we are not able to test the trigger by invoking the webhook from our system. In the next action block, we are not getting the data which we send with the webhook, we only getting the sample data which we returned in pooling sample in performList. The data which we sent by invoking webhook is just ignored.


Please help to address this issue.



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Hi @nikunj ,

Just to make sure I understand, it sounds like your API has a mechanism to send a webhook when there is a new note (let’s say, I don’t know what noun your API specializes in). However, your API doesn’t have an endpoint by which somebody can poll to get a list of notes. Is that about right?

The reason this is a publishing requirement is because we want users to be able to set up Zaps using sample data form their own account, not the dummy data provided, as that is a more intuitive experience for the user.

If I’ve understood your API limitations correctly, can you please contact our platform support team and reference this thread and see if they can take care of you there?