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Email parser by Zapier to: email field

  • 10 April 2020
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I want to use Email parser by Zapier to parse an incomming email and update a Knack record with the body of the email.  When we send a client an email we would like to put the Zapier mailbox in the bcc field of the email.  Then have Email Parser by Zapier extract the following fields: 1) to email address, 2) subject line and 3) the body of the email.  We would then use the “to:” email address to look up the customer in our Knack database and create a record with the subject and body.

I can’t seem to find a way to grap the “to:” address in the Email Parser.  Is this possible?  Anyone have any ideas?




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Hi @EricFox 

I think because Parser is receiving it as a BCC, it doesn’t get the data on who the email was originally directed at.

Does the customer’s email address appear anywhere else in the message?


I have tried putting the Email Parser mail address in the “to:” and “cc:” fields and regardless the to address part of the header is never available for the parser to chew on.  Unfortunately, the email address that I want to capture will only show up in the “to:” field in the header so I don’t have an option to parse it out of the body of the email.



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Following.  I am having the same issue.

I would be fine with an option to forward the entire email + header.  At least that way I can process it downstream with some javascript...

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I was able to solve this issue by using MailParser.  They have an option where you can check the “To: Email Address” field.  They have a free option and then it starts at $29/month.


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The Zapier Parser is somewhat limited and as @Dlewis1212 pointed out, other parsing apps like MailParser will likely be better suited to this kind of task. 


That said, I can think of a workaround if you don’t want to use a different Mail Parser, but it would only work if you use Gmail (rather than Outlook, for example). 

What you would do is to add a label to the email as soon as you send it. You could do this manually, but I imagine that you could also set up an automation in Gmail where if the to address is [client email] and the email type is sent then it automatically adds the label. The New labelled email will give you all of the information from the email (include the To field and the body of the email, which you can use to update Knack. 


Let me know if you think either of those options will work @EricFox!