How do I find events by time, not by name using NLA API?

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I want to find events using the NLA API.

I want, if I receive an email, and if it appropriate, to automatically book an event. However, I do not want to book an event when there is already an event then. How do I find events in my and other people of the same organisation’s calendar?

If I query the NLA API like so: “Find me the weekly sprint planning event”, it finds it no problem. However, if I query “Find me all events until the end of the week”, or even “Find me the event tomorrow at 11AM”, it find nothing. 

EDIT: I found an ugly, ugly hack. I guess Zapier, behind the scenes, is creating a “search term”, based on your query, and if you put a search term “*”, it matches everything. So you can query for “Find the events this week with search term *”. This is very ugly and depends on something Zapier has not exposed publicly, so it may change at any point.  

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Hey there @Hristo Buyukliev, welcome to the Community! 🎉

We really appreciate you following up here to share that solution you found. The NLA API is still in beta so I’d expect it to have a few teething issues like this while things are still being improved upon. While it’s not an ideal solution, I’m glad using that “*” wildcard character helped to get all the events for the week for now.

That said, I wonder if getting a bit more specific with the queries might help? I’ve not tested it myself but perhaps asking it to “find all events happening in the current week” might work better? It’s odd that it didn’t find the event that started at 11am though, perhaps it didn’t interpret the time correctly so didn’t find a match? Maybe something like “find me the event that starts tomorrow morning at 11:00” might work? 

If you give those alternative queries a try and please do let us know how they go. Keen to know whether that does the trick! 🙂

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Hey, @SamB . Unfortunately no, I tried a bunch of rephrasings and none of them worked.