Company looking into using Zapier - couple of questions

Hi all - I’m SRE for my company.  We currently have data we collect, and clients of ours who wish to receive this collected customer information in near real-time to their various CRM systems.  Right now we have many individual AWS lambda integrations that bend to the will of whatever the company is requesting as far as their choice of platform to receive the data.

I’d like to look into Zapier as a single platform our data gets sent to, and then from there they can figure out how to get into their own systems using one of the available methods.

I do not know if it is possible, but I would like to know if we can build an app on the Zapier side in our company name, that they can select that app, and enter a key we provide them.  From there, they can see the incoming “records” and pick an automation to send it to their desired platform.

One of the pitfalls of our current method is that missed posts get lost, for example if we try to connect to their API and it is down, or errors out.

If we were to build an app, is there any concept of having like a cron-style based polling that can be built into the app so that nightly we can poll our system with their key to supply missing records?  I see this “schedule by zapier” offering, looks like that might be what I’m thinking.

Last question, if we send real time SNS and then follow up with a scheduled polling app, will these records go into some kind of a buffer where we may be able to stash the records into their account while they get their act together and figure out how to build it from Zapier to themselves.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading - and thanks for any feedback.

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