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  • 31 August 2020
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Before posting here, please read this:
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The Developer area of the Zapier community is a place for dev-to-dev discussion about connecting your API to the Zapier Platform, and integrating Zapier into your product with our Partner API and embed SDK.  Bring your questions as you get started with our developer tools, building and testing your integration.  Share your expertise as a Zapier developer by answering questions and sharing your tips.  

While Zapier engineers will certainly be hanging out here and participating in conversations, this forum is driven by community participation.  When you ask questions here be sure to share enough context so that another developer without access to the private details of your account can provide an answer that’s generally applicable to other developers with the same question.  

So when should you ask a question here, and when should you contact Zapier support?

Great questions for this community:

  • “How can I do ____ with the Zapier developer tools?”  For example, “use my GraphQL API to build a Zapier integration”

  • “When I do _____ in my code I see _____ error.  Can anyone spot the problem?” Be sure to share input data and any helpful logs and context. Be sure not to include any sensitive information from your users or your accounts.

  • “I see integrations in the Zapier App Directory that have _____ feature.  How do I build that with my API?” 

Examples of questions that should be sent to Zapier support:

  • “I need to make an update to my logo or app name.”  Only Zapier staff can make these changes.

  • “Users are reporting an issue with my published integration and I can’t find the solution” We want to address user affecting problems as quickly as possible and support staff can look at user logs to identify specific issues.

  • Bugs with the developer tools or the Zapier product.

  • Questions about policies around app publishing and Zapier’s review of your integration.

You can contact Zapier support at

Other Resources

Before posting to the community it’s worthwhile to check out the docs and faqs first.

Main developer documentation:

CLI-specific content:

Getting Started




(More of these coming in 2021)

Publishing Your Integration


Stack Overflow also has some good discussion of Zapier integration development topics:

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