Batching data export in one zap

Hi There,


I want to send a batch of orders three times a day from shopify to my sequel program. 


How can i set up a zap which lets me send through a batch of new orders at different intervals throughout the day, and not repeatedly send through the same orders from ealier?


I’d really appreciate any help with this.


Thanks in advance :)

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Hello! This sounds really useful, I hope you can get it set up. Do you know about Digest by Zapier? It can collect information throughout the day and send it to you at scheduled intervals. I think it can do exactly what you want. Here’s some information to help get you started:

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Digest looks very good.


I think you could also use Delays, @Hugh.  They would queue up throughout the day and then run at the appointed time.

Out of interest, what is the use case for batching rather than letting them run rea-time (ish)



Thanks for the replies.


@Davidh88 We’re trying to batch orders coming through on shopify to match the rate of production for order capturing. 


Ideally we’d like to automate a few steps in our process and automated batching would significantly reduce the amount of time we spend doing it manually.