Shopify Line Item Properties Values on Products

  • 24 November 2022
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Hi. I am trying to push Shopify Orders into Salesforce, with each product on the order itself as a different line item. This is a test order with 3 products, and variations on the product fields:


Interestingly, when searching for a sample in the first step, it will split out the values as line items:




However, it’s not possible to use those parsed out values in anything, as it gets grouped up into a consolidated field called Line Item Properties Value. It also appears that each product contains the line item properties of all the products combined, so you get something like:



Even if I were to do a Formatter → Split text by comma, it would still look like this:

This repeats 3 times for the 3 products I had in my Order.

I saw this thread here by @GetUWired, which may work if there wasn’t any repeating issues, but is there anything that can be done here using Zapier? I don’t think looping through it would work either since the order would never be consistent. 


Thanks in advanced!


3 replies

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Hi @RH_Z 


You will need to use Looping by Zapier > From Line Items . This way the zap will loop for each of the line items separately. 

@MohSwellam I am already using a Loop in the last step, to create line items in Salesforce from the Shopify Products themselves. I need another way to loop through the additional properties within each Shopify Product, if that’s possible.

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Thanks for the clarification @RH_Z , this is unusual. 


Did you try adding the Properties through the Loop?