POST & GET webhook with UserID from Discord trigger

  • 16 June 2021
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So i need to make a POST and GET requests and the query string is based on message content but i dont understand..


I’d like to post something like


!rep + <@userid>


So the message in discord would say “!rep + 75869783647561183” and it would send the USERID (75869783647561183) to my website located at and have ?userid=75869783647561183 attached to it.


so overall the post made to my website would look like this


Is this possible??? it would be amazing if it was! 


also please note.. when users say !rep (+) userid its focused on the + so the value &p=1 means its a positive addition.. if the post says !rep - userid then  value &p=0&n=-3 would be applied.



Can anyone help!!!!

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2 replies

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Hi @eternus,

It is possible to build the automation, here are the steps you will need to set up:

  • Trigger: Use Discord > New Message trigger
  • Action: You need to extract the UserID from the message, you can use Formatter > Extract pattern (RegEx) to extract the ID
  • Action: Use Webhook by Zapier > POST/GET request function to make a call to your API endpoint.

Okay.. so.. i coded it so that any message with !rep (+/-) 85737564758596075 WORKS fine.. what about if the userID is different? how can zapier determine what the input should be after the +/-?