Klaviyo "Create or Update Profile" Custom Action API

  • 17 February 2024
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I want to add a step to my Zap to:

  1.  Find a Klaviyo profile by phone number
  2. Then update the email address of that Klaviyo profile.

I created a Custom Action for the Klaviyo app to accomplish this.  I used the Klaviyo “Create or Update Profile” API found here:


I don’t think I set it up correctly in my Zap.  The test is working, but it is not updating the profile with the new email address.  It seems to find the profile, but not update the email address.


The body of my custom action reads:

  "data": {
    "type": "profile",
        "attributes": {
      "email": "{{email}}",
      "phone_number": "{{phone_number}}"
    "meta": {
      "patch_properties": {
        "append": {
          "email": "{{email}}"


Zap Run History looks like this:

Data In:


Data Out:





I think the issue has to do with the “data:” being “null”, but I am not sure.  I am not technical and don’t understand how to setup the custom action API properly.


Can you identify what I am doing wrong and how to correct this?  I am super grateful for any assistance!

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Hi @Vive 

Try this…

  • Action: Klaviyo - API Request
    • Follow config below
  • Action: Klaviyo - Update Subscriber
    • Map the ID from the previous step for the Subscriber field
    • Map the email address to update in the Email field


API Request