Can I pull data from Zapier?

  • 9 October 2021
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I have an MRP app integrated with zapier. When an order is updated, it sends the data to zapier and the zap can send it off to do a docmerge or something else. Works great. 

Now, I need to grab the results of that (either the raw data or the merged doc returned to the zap) but I can’t run a server and use a webhook.

The script that needs the data (so it can print the doc to a local printer automatically) is able to poll any web service but can’t receive inbound requests. 

I thought maybe storage by zapier might be a solution but I can’t see that I can poll it myself.  Perhaps only way is to send zap data to google sheets or similar. Onedrive or dropbox are both a possibility getting the zap results deposited there and a sync combined with a local folder monitor will do the trick. However those have some fairly troubles admin overhead with granting 3rd paty access to zapier due to central management.

I hope some of that makes sense! 

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2 replies

Thanks for the suggestion but no, that goes the wrong way. I need to query zapier, so the connection is initiated from my end.  I think the way to go is to have zapier just do it’s thing ending with depositing data in airtable or sheets or similar storage that can itself be accessed via API. I can then poll that storage to get what I need.  

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Hi @theolderigetthesmarteriwas 

Is this what you’re looking for?

Trigger: Webhooks - Retrieve Poll