Will a change in Mailchimp's member_rating trigger a Zap?

  • 26 May 2020
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Most everyone knows what Mailchimp is, right? For the few who don’t, it’s an email marketing tool.

As you send emails to contacts, and contacts open the emails, click on links, delete the emails without opening, unsubscribe, etc., they end up with a Contact Rating of 1 to 5 stars. My understanding is that it is stored in a field named member_rating as an integer 1 - 5. As far as I know, the algorithm to calculate that rating, as well as the calculation, is all internal to Mailchimp.

I’m new to Zapier, but I built a Zap that fires on the trigger event “Updated Subscriber” in Mailchimp and updates the corresponding contact in Salesforce.

So, back to my question - Will a change in Mailchimp's member_rating in fact trigger my Zap?

Thank you for any input!

3 replies

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Hey - Just as a guess - I don’t think it will (it should on, but I’d recommend that you test this out with some dummy data. )

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A month later, this IS working. MC Rating changes are coming over, using the “Updated Subscriber in Mailchimp” trigger.

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Hi @PD_10K!

Thanks for the update :) @Cdn_Pete it looks like we can confirm that a change in Member Rating does, in fact, trigger a Zap when you use Updated Subscriber. Have you gotten this to work, by any chance?