[URGENT] Missing data from Facebook to Google Sheets

  • 15 September 2020
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When a new data comes in from Facebook, I link in to Google Sheets via Zapier. But somehow, the data is not entirely translated into my Google Sheets (i.e. there’s missing data such as names). From Google Sheets, I link to ClickSend and Google Contacts. But there’s missing data in Google Contacts. It’s a chain effect and all these are via Zapier.

Hence, how do I solve this issue of missing data when I link FB to Google Sheets using Zapier?

5 replies

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Please provide screenshots of how you have your Zap steps configured.

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Hi @Troy Tessalone, my Zap steps are configured in this way:

The problem lies in the Steps 1 to 2, which then rollover to affect my Step 5.

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Please include screenshots of how each Zap step is configured, thanks.

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Hi @Troy Tessalone, these are how my steps are configured:

(have hidden some info as they’re confidential, but otherwise, the steps are configured as below)


Can’t add more spreadsheet rows to tally what’s in our Google Sheets






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The redacted info in the screenshots makes it hard to troubleshoot.

Without knowing what exact data points are missing on what Zap step we can only provide suggestions about what to troubleshooot.

Would need specific examples in order to help more.

Other things to check...

  1. Are all the FB Lead Ad forms collecting First Name, Last Name, etc.?
  2. Are some FB Lead Ad forms sending Full Name vs others sending First Name & Last Name?
  3. Have you checked the Zapier Task History Details to understand the DATA IN/OUT for each step?:

Perhaps put a filter step in place to check that required fields are being sent from FB Lead Ads.

When in doubt, test it out and follow the data trail to troubleshoot.