Some Instagram Accounts are Not Showing In Step 2 of Instagram for Business using Publer

 I have been able to connect the majority of my Instagram accounts except 4 different accounts.

The example shown “ Memphis “ is displayed in step 1 for Publer, but when you get to step 2 on the account to use, the account is not shown.


The accounts are linked on facebook business integrations and instagram account is in fact a business account and linked to facebook account.


Any insight would be tremendous help.





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Hi @Ketamine Media ,

Thanks for reaching out! The culprit here might be a permissions issue. 

You may need to give Zapier (on Facebook) permission to grant 'Access profile and posts from the Instagram account connected to your Page' and then reconnect your existing Instagam account:

Hoping that does the trick! Keep us posted!

Unfortunately, that is not the issue at hand :( 

Any other ideas?

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There could be a few things happening here. As Liz said, the most common issue is that there’s a permission setting that needs to be changed somewhere. Please could you take a look at this help page and make sure you check each item there (if you haven’t already): Common Problems with Instagram for Business


If that doesn’t help, the best thing to do is to reach out to the Support Team using the Get Help form as they will be able to dig into this in more detail with you. 

I’m having the same issue. I’ve checked permissions and everything is switched on. Desired account isn’t showing as an option in Zapier Instagram for business. 

IG account is a business account and the FB Page and Instagram account are linked.