Running the same Zap for each row of a spreadhsheet

  • 15 October 2020
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Hi all, 

Once a week I need to go through our company spreadsheet (Google) and look at various data entry. 

I then need to send emails - reminders - commandes…. based on the data that were updated during the week 

I have created a Zap that would do automatize certain task. 


What I would like to do is:

Having the same zap running  for each Row of the Spreadsheet



Row 1: No change nothing to do => SKIP to next row 

Row 2: Commande ready => Send email to client Continue to Row 3 

Row 3 Document needed => Send reminder to get documents Continue to Row 4 

Row 4…. 

LAST Row: Change of address => Reminder to change addres => END 



What wold be the solution to keep repeating the zap until the end of the rows? 


Thank you all for your help


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 16 October 2020, 02:08

[advanced] Looping Zaps require a more advanced setup using Code, Filter, Webhook apps.

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6 replies

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You can configure Zaps that trigger with GSheets New/Updated Row and specify the column that will trigger the update, and maybe use a Filter step to ensure only the desired criteria is met to continue with the other Zap actions.


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Hi Thank you for your answer,

Unfortunately, since there are more than 20 multiple variations I would have to create more than 50 zaps to be able to make this happen 


What I was thinking was more of a checking zap but for each row one after the other

Look up row => If something has change => Action then next row lookup 

and all the way to the end of the spreadsheet then the zap is done when they arrive at the end of the spreadsheet.

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You’d have to create a looping Zap that iterates over each row in the GSheet incrementally.

But in that case, I think the bigger question is how will the Zap know that data has been updated?

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Thank you Yes that is exactly what I am looking to do  LOOPING ZAP. 

How would I do that?


The zap will do a Lookup for the row then with filter and Path will do the right course of action. 


But its the gong to the next row that is my issue. 

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[ADVANCED] Looping Zaps require a more advanced setup using Code, Filter, Webhook apps.

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For those looking for a similar solution here is the answer. 

Looping Zap