Populate fields from Formstack into Clickup

  • 13 September 2020
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I have set up a Zap that creates a new task in ClickUp when a form is filled out in Formstack. I have custom fields set up in my task template in Click up that I would like to match with the fields in the Formstack form and that does not seem to be an option in Zapier.  Zapier will not show my custom fields in Clickup.  It is only allowing Click up to bring the basic fields of a Task description, Title, and Due date. Is there a way to customize this more? For example, my form in FormStack is a Marketing Request form with formation that I need to show up in the new task created.  Do I need to upgrade my Zapier account to get more functionality?

3 replies

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Try the ClickUp API:


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I am not a developer so not sure how to begin to do this.  I understand the concept, but not sure where to add or enter this code?

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Hi @SGossman!


It’s not currently possible to use Custom fields with the ClickUp Zapier integration. There is a feature request for that addition and I’ve added you as an interested user on that. This lets the ClickUp team know how many folks are interested in the feature and also means that you’ll get an email when we have an update.


Regarding Troy’s comment about the API, that would be something that you could look at if you wanted to build your own (custom) ClickUp Zapier integration, or you might be able to use a webhook to send the data that you need, but those are both pretty advanced options.