Merging tickets in zendesk

  • 28 June 2020
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Hello! New Zapier user here. 

My zendesk provides customer support to users of an app. When there are problems in the app, users can send us support logs that show up as unassigned tickets titled “support logs” in our unassigned view. They often also write in to our support separately, which opens up a second ticket. I would like to create a Zap that detects and merges these tickets. 


I feel like this should be pretty simple, basically: 

When a ticket called “support log” enters the unassigned view, check the UserID of the ticket. Then check if the same UserID has submitted a ticket within the 48 hours or so. If yes, use the Zendesk “merge ticket” feature. 


I haven’t figured out how to merge tickets on the Zapier side. In Zendesk, you can hit the down button next to a ticket title, click “merge into another ticket” and then combine those two tickets pretty easily. In Zapier, I see the “Do this” node for Zendesk that lets me, for example, create a ticket attach file to a ticket etc. I’m not seeing a “merge” feature. 


Does anyone know where the “merge” feature lives in the Zendesk Zapier integration? Or if it is not supported, any workarounds?


Thanks in advance. 

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Hi there @chocorua - Thanks for posting today! I’m afraid we don’t have an Action that merges tickets. We can only “Find a Ticket” then “Update Ticket” at this time. If you’re seeing a “merge into another existing ticket” on the Zendesk side, we don’t currently have this feature within Zapier to use.

I've submitted this as a feature request to the team in charge of this integration on your behalf. While not all feature requests are implemented, customer feedback like this is a huge part of how we continue to grow our platform. If this feature does get developed, we'll reach out to you directly to let you know!