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  • 29 June 2020
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We’re trying to get the chat bot to create 1 line pr session efter chat end.

As of now, the zaps create 1 line per input, giving us 7-10 lines per session instead.


We’re using the Landbot / Zapier Block Activiated and Google Sheets Create Spreadsheet Row(s).

Tried using “Update Spreadsheet Row”, but this is not working as the rows has not been created.


Any thoughts on how to solve this? Landbot offers native Google Sheet integration in the Pro package (100€) which is a bit pricy for this project, so we’re hoping we can zap’it :) 


B/r Mikkel

3 replies

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@Witt I’ve never worked with Landbot before, but I assume that the trigger happens for each inbound message instead of just once at the end of the conversation. 


You have a couple of options here as far as I can tell. 


Option 1: Change the “create row” step for your Google Sheets step to be a find or create row.  

This will allow you to create the row if it doesn’t exist, and if it does exist keep moving on in the zap. I would then add a filter that only allows the rest of the zap to continue if the row was found (aka had already been created) and then add a step to update the row.


Option 2: Use Digest by Zapier to create a digest of the conversation and write the digest to a line in the google sheet at some pre-defined time (daily, midnight local time for example). This is a slightly more complicated option, but could help if something in option 1 doesn’t work out.

Hi @PaulKortman 

Thank you for your answer.

Unfortunately there is no Find or Create Row in my options. I tried the Lookup Spreadsheet Row, but that gives unwanted entries. Also tried the digest as you suggested, but as you said, it quickly became complicated to handle.

I think that I’ll stop pursuing this for now, and try an other solution.

Thanks! :thumbsup_tone1:

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@Witt sorry that I was using an outdated name for the action event, you are correct that lookup spreadsheet row would do what I was suggesting. 


However it’s giving unwanted entries, what do you mean by this? do you need to improve the filtering/lookup to limit the rows or entries it is giving to you?