How to create a summary message based on data in a google sheet

  • 28 June 2020
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I’m building a no-code gratitude journal app based on google sheets and Twilio. The product is User texts the Twilio number and it gets recorded in my google sheet.

I want to create a new feature at the end of the week where I give a summary text to the user. So something like every Sunday, they receive their weekly summary of how many gratitude journal entries they did.


Exe: “Here is your weekly review, you sent ___ gratitude journal entries this week”


Any idea how to go about getting something like this in place? 


My google sheet records all the entries and when they happened, so I’m sure there is a way to setup some sort of zap to create this? 




Thank you!!

1 reply

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Hi @Presh - First, welcome to our community. Wow, what an amazing app you have there! That’s so cool to see something powered by Zapier like that. Thanks for sharing that with us!

This is actually a very common question, but very powerful if you know how to use Digest by Zapier: You can pair this with Schedule by Zapier: so that you may get the timing/date as you like. Once the digest is released at the time/day you wish, the content collected in the digest will be sent via SMS as set by the schedule.

Here’s some more docs on how to get started with Digest by Zapier: 

Keep us posted on how it goes!