How to create a New Receipt in Quickbooks from Airtable with line items

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I’m trying to create a new receipt in QB from Airtable, but I need the new receipt to track a split in the donation for different types of “products/services” in QB.  I’ve tried the Line Itemizer, but I can’t find a way to assign the different types of donations into separate “products/services” lines in QB. 


For example, I receive a $100 donation, but the donor wants to designate $50 for “sponsorship,” $30 for “General,” and $20 for “Other.”  I’ve created the Zap to get the $100 from Airtable to QB and assigned to the correct “Donor,” but I can’t seem to figure out how to show the individual lines (I do have separate fields in Airtable for each “type” of donation).

Any suggestions?



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Hi @KUDU Admin,

Currently there is no way to set different “product/services” values with Zapier.

The closest you could get is to use line item support and create multiple line items with one “product/service” type. → Then send an email (or add a task Asana or similar) to a member of your team with the Receipt Number and correct “product/service” values based on line item → that team member could then manually adjust the Sales Receipt.

It’s not 100% automated but your data would be 90% correct on creation and you would have a system for notifying someone of a task that needs to be completed and provide them with the information they need to perform the task quickly.

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Thanks Rich